Wrought Iron Garden Furniture

Wrought iron garden furniture is handcrafted with tools while cast iron furniture is made from a mold, making it considerably more expensive. In the middle-class Victorian garden, the furniture was typically made from cast iron, while the fencing was frequently made with wrought iron.

In the Victorian era only the upper classes could afford garden furniture made of wrought iron because it was more expensive. Wrought iron is exceptionally strong, durable and almost indestructible.

Wrought iron items were originally created by blacksmiths, but as their popularity increased, there weren’t enough blacksmiths to keep up with demand. Eventually wrought iron garden furniture pieces were mass produced, compromising their value and quality. Today, high quality wrought iron pieces are again available if you can afford them.

If you are seeking high quality wrought iron garden furniture products, visit Great Circle Forge Blacksmith Shoppe where you can find a Waterbury iron bench with back for $1,000, or without a back for $800. Many Victorian benches available today are backless, simply because the ones with backs are more expensive.

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